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Dispatch Staffing – Highly Cost Effective

Mannet maintains an extensive network of both short and long-term dispatch staff with experience in a wide range of fields. For one-off or short term projects, employing temporary staff to get the job done is a cost-effective and hassle-free option with Mannet’s staffing service.
Choosing Mannet for temporary staffing needs gives you the following advantages:

Skilled Staff

Mannet boasts an extensive database of dispatch staff with diverse skill sets, so we’ll always have the right people available for the job at hand. Additionally, Mannet conducts face-to-face interviews with every staff member to ensure a perfect match for your requirements.
Of course, you are able to communicate with and instruct dispatch staff directly, so you can be assured firsthand of quality of work and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Staffing Management

Mannet manages all of the paperwork involved in employing temporary staff and calculates social insurance, taxes, and salary for you. We also manage your staff’s work schedule and holidays.

Our Payroll/EOR(Employer of Record)/Third Party Employement Service merit

Whether you have found the necessary personnel/staff by yourself or not, using our service, you can avoid direct employment risk at the beginning and save costs.

If You canont employ the personnel directly because you still not have Japanese subsidiary corpoation, or like that reason, you can select our service too. Then, the personnel/staff can enjoy full Japanese legal standard insurance and pension services from mannet and work for you with good motivation and safety.

You can avoid the troublesome task of calculation and statutory payments of insurances and pensions.

Flexible Terms of dispatch

Our medium-to-long term dispatch staff are available for contract periods ranging from just a few months to a year and beyond. For short term projects, we can dispatch staff for any period of time to match your requirements, starting from only one hour a day.

Dispatch Staffing Covers a Wide Range of Business Fields

Office work (reception, HR, accounting, etc.)

Sales and marketing staff

Telemarketing / Customer service staff

IT related

Manufacturing & Construction


Catering/Kitchen staff

Typical Cost for Temporary Staff (Actual cost may vary)

Secretarial / Clerical: 2,600 Yen/hour
Translation 2,800 Yen/hour
Marketing: 2,600 Yen/hour
Sales 2,500 Yen/hour
Telephone operator 2,300 Yen/hour
IT (SE, Sysop, CAD, etc): 2,800 Yen/hour
Packing/manufacturing staff: 1,800 Yen/hour
Catering 1,800 Yen/hour
Shop assistant 2,200 Yen/hour

* An additional fee of 10% of the above is added for bilingual candidates.

Staffing Service Workflow

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Case Studies:
See How Mannet Helped Foreign Companies Succeed in Japan

IT Firm, China

With no one on staff fluent in Japanese, a China-based IT firm had been missing many business opportunities with potential partners in Japan.
Mannet provided the Chinese company with a native Japanese dispatch employee with excellent Chinese language skills to help facilitate communication. The temporary employee was very successful in the role and our business relationship with this firm continues to this day.

Cosmetic Manufacturer, Korea

A Korea-based cosmetics company was experiencing a period of growth and wanted to hire more shop assistants for their expansion plan. The company noticed that many of their new sales were attributable to Chinese travelers, but they were unsure how to find staff with the appropriate language skills to maximize these sales.
Mannet provided the cosmetics company with a number of native-Chinese speaking staff with superb Japanese skills. These staff members could communicate flawlessly with Chinese customers as well as local Japanese customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and even better sales figures.

Game Developer, USA

A USA-based video game developer required a skilled project coordinator for a new release in Japan. However, because team members originated from multiple territories (Japan, Korea and China), the developer required someone with appropriate language and communication skills.
Mannet worked with the developer to find the best candidates with fluency in these languages. The coordinator was a major asset for the company, as she was able to communicate fine details for delicate tasks such as textures and other graphical content.

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